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God Bless and Welcome to the 'Ministry of Word' !

In Matthew 13:46 we read of a man who discovered a treasure, a 'pearl' of GREAT price in a field.This man was so overwhelmed with what he had found he went out and sold ALL that he had to OBTAIN the field to obtain the treasure.This 'pearl' that the man found was not eternal life but rather a treasure of knowledge of understanding of heaven and earth and a pearl of wisdom (which is knowledge applied) ! It's kind of interesting that the word 'treasure' in the Bible is from the greek word 'thesauros' from which we have our English word 'thesaurus' which is a book that gives us names and definitions of other words ( excuse the pun )...a TREASURE TROVE OF INFORMATION !! I would be super excited for you to join us on this journey ( the one Jesus Christ referred to as the 'way' ( hodos; grk = journey ) because by doing this we truly find the other two things he mentioned, TRUTH and LIFE in all of it's abundance - Allan Woodhouse